Our products are 100% Spanish, obtained from the original techniques of our ancestors but adapting to the new technologies, in this way we yield good results of quality.

The vast majority of our products come from the province of Albacete. All the crops of  Castilla la Mancha lands, are characterized, principally, by two peculiarities: the climate and the soil.
Thanks to these two natural factors that only occur in the plains of La Mancha we can obtain high quality Alfalfa crops. The intervention of the Mediterranean climate with a tendency of aridity, the good fertility and laxity of the soils, together with the characteristic practices of cultivation that are used in the province of Albacete, make the alfalfa of this zone a characteristic product.

Almost all Albacete lands use groundwater for irrigation, these contribute to alfalfa a high level of mineral salts and nutrients that strengthen crops and make them more efficient.

The alfalfa production system has been advancing and cultivation practices have improved, much time and money have been invested in R & D & C research and industry leading technology. All this has improved the territorial and environmental sustainability.

The alfalfa of Castilla la Mancha has properties that make it special and high quality. It is an alfalfa with a high content of proteins, calcium and fiber. These characteristics make alfalfa a premium quality.

  • Sun cured alfalfa                                                            ??????????????

The sun cured alfalfa is the most traditional; this one dries off to the sun for natural means. The method of sun cured achieves that the alfalfa is almost dehydrated and also that has a high quantity of proteins. Their fibers are long, and help to the digestion of the ruminant animals.

This method needs a systematic quality control to value the quality of the raw material, as well as the process of preserving and manipulation. This is the reason why our alfalfa is always under a strict quality and safety control, to preserve the high percentage of proteins nutrition and vitamins. This is the only way to obtain a Premium quality sun cured alfalfa.


When the alfalfa has been harvested gather in, it is moved to the dry machines where automatically will be dry by forced ventilation. This technology avoids that many essential elements as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus … for the correct nutrition of the animals will be lost.

Our process of dehydration, it does not effect to the nutritional value also reduce the losses of vitamins and proteins. Even more it eliminates factors anti nourishing since they are the estrogens, favoring the energetic and nourishing value and especially the quality of our alfalfa. In Green and Grass we use the most advanced technology with our dehydration machines, favoring the equality of  all the bales dried and improving their long storage.


  • Ray Grass                                                                              raygrassss2

The ray grass belongs to the family of the Grasses. It has a faster growth that favors the new shoot of the plant, but they need a big quantity of water and fertilizer for a good growth. It is for these reasons why in Green and Gras only use first quality fertilizer in order that the fields where our products grow only produce Premium products. This grass has a nutritional quality very similar the alfalfa.

  • Pellets

Alfalfa pellets provide high nutritional value to animals. During the production process the entire sheet is maintained, this makes the pellet a source of protein. It also contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals that benefits the good state of the animal and increases its productivity.
For equine animals the pellets favor them in the time of the digestive transit with which it helps to prevent colic.
On the other hand, ruminants helps them reduce the time of rumination, thus reducing the action of bacteria

pellet 2