When the alfalfa has been harvested gather in, it is moved to the dry machines where automatically will be dry by forced ventilation. This technology avoids that many essential elements as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus … for the correct nutrition of the animals will be lost. Our process of dehydration, […]

Dehydrated alfalfa

The sun cured alfalfa is the most traditional; this one dries off to the sun for natural means. The method of sun cured achieves that the alfalfa is almost dehydrated and also that has a high quantity of proteins. Their fibers are long, and help to the digestion of the […]

Sun cured alfalfa

The ray grass belongs to the family of the Grasses. It has a faster growth that favors the new shoot of the plant, but they need a big quantity of water and fertilizer for a good growth. It is for these reasons why in Green and Gras only use first […]

Ray Grass

Previous Details The Alfalfa is the first fodder used as a food by a dairy cattle (cows, goats and sheep) even it’s used as a food for the rest of the animals like camels, horses… The Alfalfa can be consume in different ways: In Green: Grazed on the plot or […]

General Information

We are a young and dynamic group of people working on animal nutrition agriculture. All the products that grow in our fields are coming as a result of a long experience in the forages’ world. We have received the legacy of our forebears keeping some farming techniques and improving other […]


MISSION Our mission is based in offering the best service and giving to each of our customers whatever they need shipping always the goods on time and keeping the agreed prices. To get this, we use the experience acquired by our partners that are in this business more than 25 […]